Aberdeen FC vs. Ross County FC (07.02.2015)

Date Season Halftime Result
07.02.2015 2014 1 : 0 4 : 0

Match milestones

Time Team Name Event
12'' Aberdeen A. Rooney ui.Normal Goal
35'' Aberdeen D. Daniels ui.Substitution 1
46'' Aberdeen C. Smith ui.Substitution 2
46'' Ross County S. Boyd ui.Substitution 1
50'' Ross County T. Dingwall ui.Substitution 2
50'' Aberdeen P. Pawlett ui.Normal Goal
60'' Ross County Rubén Palazuelos ui.Substitution 3
61'' Aberdeen S. Logan ui.Normal Goal
70'' Aberdeen N. McGinn ui.Substitution 3
85'' Aberdeen D. Goodwillie ui.Normal Goal

Lineup Aberdeen FC

Position Number Name
ui.hrac_ 20 S. Brown
ui.hrac_ 3 A. Considine
ui.hrac_ 6 M. Reynolds
ui.hrac_ 2 S. Logan
ui.hrac_ 22 R. Jack
ui.hrac_ 28 D. Daniels
ui.hrac_ 11 J. Hayes
ui.hrac_ 10 N. McGinn
ui.hrac_ 7 K. Mclean
ui.hrac_ 9 A. Rooney
ui.hrac_ 14 C. Smith

Lineup Ross County FC

Position Number Name
ui.hrac_ 1 Antonio Reguero
ui.hrac_ 43 P. Quinn
ui.hrac_ 5 S. Boyd
ui.hrac_ 12 J. Reckord
ui.hrac_ 44 M. Fraser
ui.hrac_ 22 Rubén Palazuelos
ui.hrac_ 26 M. Woods
ui.hrac_ 10 F. Kiss
ui.hrac_ 36 J. Irvine
ui.hrac_ 30 T. Dingwall
ui.hrac_ 16 L. Boyce

Substitutes Aberdeen FC

Position Number Name
ui.hrac_ 21 J. Shaughnessy
ui.hrac_ 16 P. Pawlett
ui.hrac_ 17 D. Goodwillie
ui.hrac_ 1 J. Langfield
ui.hrac_ 8 W. Flood
ui.hrac_ 15 B. Robson
ui.hrac_ 25 L. Shankland

Substitutes Ross County FC

Position Number Name
ui.hrac_ 6 S. Saunders
ui.hrac_ 23 G. Carey
ui.hrac_ 11 C. Curran
ui.hrac_ 24 R. De Vita
ui.hrac_ 20 D. Šernas
ui.hrac_ 21 M. Brown
ui.hrac_ 29 K. MacLeod

Aberdeen FC

The club is known as The Dons, The Dandies, The Reds or The Dandy Dons. To the fans, they are called the Red Army. Their home stadium is Pittodrie Stadium. It is one of the first stadiums in the United Kingdom to have all-seater seating. It is also one of Scotland's largest stadiums with a capacity of 22,199. The club plays the so-called Northern Derby with Inverness Caledonian Thistle, who can currently be considered the biggest rivals. Both clubs are in the largest estates in the north of Scotland. The club colours are red and white and are projected both on the jerseys and, of course, in the crest.

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Ross County FC

They are nicknamed The Staggies, and are from the town or rather city of Dingwall. Their home stadium is Victoria Park, which has a capacity of 6541 seats. Interestingly, this stadium has a larger capacity than the population of the town. The club's main rivals are another club from the north of Scotland (Highland) who are Iverness Caledonian Thistle. The joint fixture is called the Highland Derby. However, the rivalry is more of a friendly one, after all, in this region due to the population, fans are closer to each other, many fans of one team or the other live and work together. The club colours are dark blue, red and white.

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Home corners 3
Home shots 14
Home shots on target 9
Home fouls 12
Home yellow cards 2
Home red cards 0
Away corners 2
Away shots 3
Away shots on target 3
Away fouls 12
Away yellow cards 2
Away red cards 0

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Results Aberdeen FC vs. Ross County FC
Results Ross County FC vs. Aberdeen FC