Toulouse FC vs. FC Nantes (11.02.2024)

Date Season Halftime Result
11.02.2024 2023 0 : 1 1 : 2

Match milestones

Time Team Name Event
2'' Nantes Mostafa Mohamed ui.Normal Goal
19'' Toulouse V. Sierro ui.Yellow Card
41'' Toulouse Y. Gboho ui.Yellow Card
45'' + 1'' Nantes M. Sissoko ui.Yellow Card
51'' Nantes T. Kadewere ui.Normal Goal
60'' Toulouse L. Costa ui.Substitution 1
60'' Toulouse F. Magri ui.Substitution 2
60'' Toulouse S. Spierings ui.Substitution 3
65'' Nantes S. Appuah ui.Substitution 1
71'' Nantes N. Cozza ui.Substitution 2
73'' Toulouse F. Magri ui.Goal Disallowed - offside
80'' Toulouse I. Cissoko ui.Substitution 4
80'' Toulouse N. Skytta ui.Substitution 5
80'' Nantes M. Abline ui.Substitution 3
81'' Nantes H. Boutsingkham ui.Substitution 4
81'' Nantes E. Mongo ui.Substitution 5
90'' + 5'' Toulouse T. Dallinga ui.Normal Goal

Toulouse FC

Le Téfécé, Les Pitchouns or Les Violets (phylacteries). These are all nicknames of this football club. The last one also tells us that the club's colour is purple. You will find it on the jerseys in combination with white (home jerseys) or black (away jerseys). The Stadium de Tolouse is their shrine and currently holds 33,150 fans after all the renovations.

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FC Nantes

Their nickname is Les Canaris, i.e. the canaries. It is also obvious that they will be as yellow as canaries. Yellow is the only colour in the emblem and it also dominates the home jersey, combined with elements of green. Their home stadium is the Stade de la Beaujoire, which has a seating capacity of 38 128.

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Home corners 11
Home shots 14
Home shots on target 2
Home fouls 9
Home yellow cards 2
Home red cards
Away corners 0
Away shots 5
Away shots on target 2
Away fouls 13
Away yellow cards 1
Away red cards

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