MFK Karviná vs. FC Zlín (12.05.2024)

Date Season Halftime Result
12.05.2024 2023 2 : 0 2 : 2

Match milestones

Time Team Name Event
15'' Karviná S. Bohac ui.Normal Goal
38'' Zlin V. Vukadinovic ui.Yellow Card
45'' + 1'' Karviná L. Ezeh ui.Normal Goal
46'' Zlin L. Bartosak ui.Substitution 1
54'' Zlin L. Bartosak ui.Normal Goal
61'' Karviná A. Memic ui.Substitution 1
65'' Zlin T. Sloncik ui.Substitution 2
74'' Zlin S. Pidro ui.Substitution 3
74'' Zlin P. Gonzalez ui.Substitution 4
75'' Zlin S. Pidro ui.Yellow Card
79'' Karviná M. Dolezal ui.Substitution 2
79'' Karviná E. Ayaosi ui.Substitution 3
86'' Zlin F. Zak ui.Substitution 5
90'' + 3'' Zlin L. Bartosak ui.Normal Goal

MFK Karviná

The club is nicknamed Karviňáci and their club colours are green and white. These colours can also be found on the home jersey and in the club logo. The environment for their home matches is provided by the Karviná Municipal Stadium, which offers 4,862 seats after the latest expansion in 2016.

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FC Zlín

They are known as Shoemakers because their town is connected with the shoe industry thanks to the legendary local entrepreneur Tomáš Bat'a. The club colours are yellow and blue, which you can also find on the home jersey. They play at Zlín's Letná stadium, which has a capacity of 6,315 seats.

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Home corners 4
Home shots 11
Home shots on target 3
Home fouls 7
Home yellow cards 0
Home red cards
Away corners 1
Away shots 8
Away shots on target 2
Away fouls 18
Away yellow cards 2
Away red cards

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Results MFK Karviná vs. FC Zlín
Results FC Zlín vs. MFK Karviná