FC Shakhtar Donetsk vs. FC Zorya Luhansk (22.04.2024)

Date Season Halftime Result
22.04.2024 2023 0 : 0 2 : 1

Match milestones

Time Team Name Event
50'' Zorya Luhansk D. Antyukh ui.Normal Goal
56'' Shakhtar Donetsk Kevin ui.Substitution 1
57'' Shakhtar Donetsk D. Sikan ui.Substitution 2
63'' Shakhtar Donetsk Marlon Gomes ui.Substitution 3
64'' Shakhtar Donetsk Eguinaldo ui.Substitution 4
71'' Shakhtar Donetsk Pedrinho ui.Substitution 5
72'' Shakhtar Donetsk Eguinaldo ui.Normal Goal
78'' Zorya Luhansk D. Myshnyov ui.Substitution 1
78'' Zorya Luhansk I. Gorbach ui.Substitution 2
83'' Zorya Luhansk O. Saputin ui.Yellow Card
87'' Shakhtar Donetsk D. Sikan ui.Normal Goal
88'' Shakhtar Donetsk D. Sikan ui.Yellow Card
89'' Zorya Luhansk O. Saputin Red card
90'' Zorya Luhansk M. Turbayevskyi ui.Substitution 3
90'' + 1'' Zorya Luhansk P. Micin ui.Substitution 4
90'' + 5'' Zorya Luhansk V. Voloshyn ui.Substitution 5

Lineup FC Shakhtar Donetsk

Position Number Name
Goalkeeper 31 Dmytro Riznyk
Defence 13 Giorgi Gocholeishvili
Defence 5 Valeriy Bondar
Defence 22 Mykola Matviyenko
Defence 16 Irakli Azarovi
Midfield 8 Dmytro Kryskiv
Midfield 9 Marian Shved
Midfield 21 Artem Bondarenko
Midfield 10 Georgiy Sudakov
Midfield 39 Newerton Palmares
Forward 2 Lassina Traoré

Lineup FC Zorya Luhansk

Position Number Name
Goalkeeper 1 Oleksandr Saputin
Defence 2 Bogdan Butko
Midfield 21 Jakov Bašić
Midfield 4 Kodjo Aziangbe
Defence 47 Roman Vantukh
Midfield 5 Oleksandr Yatsyk
Midfield 8 Oleksii Khakhliov
Defence 70 Ihor Kyriukhantsev
Midfield 15 Kyrylo Dryshlyuk
Midfield 7 Denys Antyukh
Forward 11 Alioune Ndour

Substitutes FC Shakhtar Donetsk

Position Number Name
Forward 14 Danylo Sikan
Forward 37 Kevin
Midfield 7 Eguinaldo
Midfield 30 Marlon Gomes
Defence 23 Pedrinho
Goalkeeper 1 Artur Rudko
Goalkeeper 48 Denys Tvardovskyi
Defence 25 Novatus Miroshi
Defence 44 Yaroslav Rakitskyi
Defence 3 Stav Lemkin
Midfield 6 Taras Stepanenko
Midfield 29 Yehor Nazaryna

Substitutes FC Zorya Luhansk

Position Number Name
Midfield 9 Dmytro Myshnov
Forward 17 Igor Gorbach
Goalkeeper 30 Mykyta Turbaievskyi
Midfield 22 Petar Mićin
Midfield 16 Vikentiy Voloshyn
Goalkeeper 53 Dmytro Matsapura
Midfield 32 Artem Slesar
Midfield 10 Denys Nagnoynyi

FC Shakhtar Donetsk

FC Shakhtar Donetsk is the best Ukrainian football club of recent years, having regularly finished first or second in the table over the past quarter of a century. The team from the east of the country is located in a heavily industrial area where many coal mines can also be found. This is reflected in the team name itself as shakhtar translates to miner. This reference was incorporated into the name by several sports clubs during the USSR era.

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FC Zorya Luhansk

More about FC Zorya Luhansk
Home corners 9
Home shots 28
Home shots on target 6
Home fouls 6
Home yellow cards 1
Home red cards 0
Away corners 2
Away shots 5
Away shots on target 3
Away fouls 10
Away yellow cards 1
Away red cards 1

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Results FC Shakhtar Donetsk vs. FC Zorya Luhansk
Results FC Zorya Luhansk vs. FC Shakhtar Donetsk