Formula 1

Car racing is as old as motoring itself. And perhaps everyone can agree that the pinnacle is Formula One. The Drivers' World Championship has been running since 1950 and the Constructors' Cup joined eight years later. The main fan base and races are still in Europe today, although it is now a literally global affair that is not absent from any major market. F1 has also created many global sporting icons over its existence. Who today doesn't know names like Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton....

Constructor Standings

Pos. Team Points
1. Red Bull 87
2. Aston Martin 38
3. Mercedes 38
4. Ferrari 26
5. Alpine F1 Team 8
6. Alfa Romeo 4
7. Haas F1 Team 1
8. Williams 1
9. McLaren 0
10. AlphaTauri 0