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fTheir nicknames include Pontioi or Rossoneri (red and black). This Greek football club also has red and black as their colours, playing in white jerseys with red details and black shorts at home, while away they wear red and black vertical stripes on their jersey. Their club crest features a two-eyed eagle. They are at home at the Kalamaria Stadium, which offers a seating capacity of 6,500. The club was founded in 1926, in the Greek town of Thessaloniki in the Kalamaria district.

If we look at the team's achievements, they finished first in the Second Division, the third highest level of Greek professional football, in the 1972/73, 1982/83 and 1991/92 seasons. These seasons also meant promotion to Super League 2, the second highest competition in Greece. They have been playing in Super League 2 since their last promotion until today. In the 2018/19 season, they finished 7th in the league table.

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