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Club colours are blue and white. They uses mostly blue jerseys for his home games, then plays away in white or alternatively in black jerseys with green details. Home matches are played at the Stadion U Nisy, which has a capacity of 9,900 seats. It takes its name from the nearby river Nisa, which is just behind the north stand. The stadium is interesting because of its design, where the main stand is woven into the rock massif.

Interestingly, the club has recruited the first Argentinian player to ever play in the Czech league. He was Leandro Hernán Lazzaro Liuni, who scored a hat-trick in his first championship match and also won the trophy awarded to the best foreigner in the Czech league twice in a row. In the 2008/09 season, another foreigner, the Croatian Andrej Kerić, made his mark in the club's history by becoming the league's top scorer.

Founding of the club

The club was founded in 1958 in Liberec, but its predecessor was the Reichenberger Sport Club, which was founded in 1904. Further development was quite turbulent and only after the merger of the former Liberec football clubs Jiskra and Slavoj was the current Slovan Liberec established. The club actually started in the 2nd league. Since then, however, mainly lower competitions have been played and only since 1970 the club has been playing in the national 2nd league. But again came mediocre results and the 3rd league, and after the revolution stays on the borderline between the 2nd and 3rd league.

Milestones and club achievements

Modern history began to be written in the 1990s when promotion to first league was set as a goal. This was indeed achieved in 1993, under the leadership of Vlastimil Petržela. This promotion raised a huge wave of euphoria in the city. Liberec became a very successful club in the 1st league during the period of the independent Czech Republic. Overall, it is the 4th most successful club in the league. It is regularly in the top half of the table.

During its tenure in the 1st league, it has won a total of 3 league championships, in 2002, 2006 and 2012. They also won the Czech Cup in 2000 and 2015. On the international stage, the club was also in the Intertoto Cup final in 2004, where they lost to Schalke 1-3. It has also made repeated appearances in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

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Date Home Away Halftime Result
12.05.2024 FC Slovan Liberec FK Teplice 0 : 0 1 : 2
05.05.2024 FK Teplice FC Slovan Liberec 0 : 0 2 : 0
28.04.2024 FC Baník Ostrava FC Slovan Liberec 1 : 0 2 : 2
27.04.2024 FC Baník Ostrava FC Slovan Liberec : :
21.04.2024 FC Slovan Liberec FC Hradec Králové 0 : 0 0 : 0
20.04.2024 FC Slovan Liberec FC Hradec Králové : :
13.04.2024 SK Dynamo České Budějovice FC Slovan Liberec 1 : 1 3 : 2
06.04.2024 FC Slovan Liberec FC Slovácko 2 : 0 4 : 1
30.03.2024 FC Viktoria Plzeň FC Slovan Liberec 0 : 0 1 : 3
17.03.2024 SK Slavia Prague FC Slovan Liberec 1 : 0 3 : 0

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