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They are known as Viktorka, the club colours are blue and red. These are also on the home jerseys, where the red jersey is decorated with horizontal blue stripes and the typical blue shorts. They play at the stadium in Štruncové sady, which is now known as the Doosan Arena, otherwise it is also the Pilsen City Stadium. Its capacity is 11 700 seats.

As the club is the third most successful in the Czech premier league competition, it has a major rivalry with AC Sparta Prague and SK Slavia Prague in particular. Viktorka's fans are called Viktorians and have long been friends with fans of Zbrojovka Brno.

Many important players of Czech football have worked in the club. Among the most famous are Pavel Nedvěd from the youth category between 1986 and 1991 and later also goalkeeper Petr Čech, who also played there in the youth category between 1989 and 1999.

The origins of the club

The club was founded in Plzeň in 1911, then under the name of Sport Club Viktoria Plzeň. As usual, the name has changed several times over the years. The club returned to its original nickname, Viktoria, in 1993. Before that, it had changed the names Sokol, Spartak and Skoda.

The first time the club reached the 1st league was in the 1931/32 season and finished in a great 4th place. A year later it was even higher. In the former Central European Cup in 1935, Viktoria first came to prominence in Europe, where they played Juventus. They sensationally drew 3-3 at home, but lost 1-5 in Italy.

The club's greatest achievements

We mentioned in the introduction that the club is the third most successful club in the history of the independent Czech league. That is true, but all of its premier league titles date from the second decade of this century, making it the most successful Czech club today. It has a total of 5 so far, from 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018. The club got among the elite under the leadership of coach Pavel Vrba. The club's other achievements include 2 wins in the Czech Cup and 2 wins in the Czech Super Cup.

However, the club has also performed very well in the European Cups. Firstly, it's participation in the UEFA Champions League group stage for the first time in the 2011/12 season, when it met clubs like FC Barcelona or AC Milan. They has also made it to the Champions League several more times, as well as the UEFA Europa League.

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Date Home Away Halftime Result
26.05.2024 AC Sparta Prague FC Viktoria Plzeň 1 : 0 1 : 1
18.05.2024 FC Viktoria Plzeň FC Baník Ostrava 0 : 0 1 : 1
15.05.2024 SK Slavia Prague FC Viktoria Plzeň 2 : 0 3 : 0
11.05.2024 FC Viktoria Plzeň FC Slovácko 2 : 1 4 : 2
05.05.2024 FC Viktoria Plzeň FK Mladá Boleslav 2 : 0 3 : 0
28.04.2024 FC Viktoria Plzeň FK Teplice 0 : 0 3 : 0
27.04.2024 FC Viktoria Plzeň FK Teplice : :
21.04.2024 FC Slovácko FC Viktoria Plzeň 0 : 1 1 : 1
20.04.2024 FC Slovácko FC Viktoria Plzeň : :
14.04.2024 FC Viktoria Plzeň SK Slavia Prague 0 : 0 1 : 0

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20.07:2024 20:00 Dukla Praha-Plzeň 6.27 2.43 3.96 1.09 1.53