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The most common nickname for this Ayrshire club is Killie, which probably needs no explanation, or the more moderate Knock. The song "Paper Roses", originally a hit for American singer and political activist Anita Bryant, has been adopted by the club's fans as their anthem. The club has a long-standing rivalry with Ayr United, another club from the same town, whom it has met 256 times and won 189 of those. The first derby was played in 1910. Ayr United, however, currently play one level lower in the competition.

Kilmarnock are at home at Rugby Park Stadium, which has a capacity of 17,889 spectators after major renovations in 1994 and 95. It was first played there in 1899 and often hosts concerts. Kilmarnock's team colours are blue and white.

When cricket stopped being enough

The club is one of the leading clubs in Scotland. It was founded in 1869, making it the oldest club in the league. It played its first official match in 1873 against Rengton, a now defunct club. The founding of Kilmarnock dates back to the earliest days of football in Scotland, and so at the time was primarily motivated by a desire to find other outlets for athletes outside of the cricket season. As in the beginning they played a game that was more akin to rugby, so the stadium was named after that - Rugby Park.

Milestones and achievements of the club

As far as club achievements go, Kilmarnock's top league win dates back to the 1964/65 season, so they are somewhat bearded. In addition, it was in the final 4 times from the late 50s to the mid 60s. In the 80s came a decline in performance and relegation to the second division. The club then returned to the top flight in the 1992/93 season, where it still operates today. However, the club is also a three-time winner of the Scottish Cup, in the seasons:

  • 1919/20
  • 1928/29
  • 1996/97

It reached the Scottish Cup final 5 times. It has also made the same number of runner-up finishes in the Scottish League Cup, but also has one win from there. It is also the club's most recent achievement as it is from the 2011/12 season.

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Kilmarnock FC - Last 10 matches

Date Home Away Halftime Result
28.05.2023 Kilmarnock FC Ross County FC 1 : 0 3 : 1
24.05.2023 Dundee United FC Kilmarnock FC 0 : 2 0 : 3
20.05.2023 Kilmarnock FC St. Johnstone FC 0 : 1 0 : 1
13.05.2023 Kilmarnock FC Livingston FC 0 : 0 2 : 0
06.05.2023 Motherwell FC Kilmarnock FC 1 : 0 2 : 0
18.03.2023 Kilmarnock FC St. Johnstone FC 1 : 0 1 : 1
04.03.2023 Rangers FC Kilmarnock FC 3 : 0 3 : 1
25.02.2023 Kilmarnock FC Motherwell FC 1 : 0 1 : 1
18.02.2023 Hibernian FC Kilmarnock FC 1 : 0 2 : 0
18.02.2023 Hibernian FC Kilmarnock FC 1 : 0 2 : 0

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