Udinese Calcio

This club is nicknamed I Bianconeri (the white and black), I Friulani (after the Italian region where they operate) and Le Zebrette (the little zebras). It is easy to guess that their club colours are white and black, and the reference to zebras can then be linked to the vertical stripes on the club jerseys. They play their home games at the Stadio Friuli, which is however currently called the Dacia Arena for sponsorship reasons. Its capacity is 25 144 seats.

Founding and club achievements

After Genoa, it is the second oldest club to play Serie A. It was founded in 1896, then as Società Udinese di Ginnastica e Scherma. However, a football section was established there in 1911. The club first participated in regional competitions and later played Serie B.

Since its appearance in Serie A, it has not yet achieved significant success, both in Italy and within Europe. Although it has been playing in the top Italian league continuously since 1995 and has not yet been relegated. In 1992 he was in the final of the Italian Cup. On home soil he has only won at a lower level, the Italian Serie C Cup, where it was in 1978.

The first two decades of this century in the top competition show rather variable results. In the 2011/12 season, the club even finished in 3rd place. In recent years, however, it has been more in the second half of the table.

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Udinese Calcio - Last 10 matches

Date Home Away Halftime Result
04.06.2023 Udinese Calcio Juventus FC : :
28.05.2023 US Salernitana 1919 Udinese Calcio : :
21.05.2023 Udinese Calcio SS Lazio : :
14.05.2023 ACF Fiorentina Udinese Calcio : :
07.05.2023 Udinese Calcio UC Sampdoria : :
03.05.2023 Udinese Calcio SSC Napoli : :
30.04.2023 US Lecce Udinese Calcio : :
23.04.2023 Udinese Calcio US Cremonese : :
16.04.2023 AS Roma Udinese Calcio : :
08.04.2023 Udinese Calcio AC Monza : :

Udinese Calcio against opponent

Recent matches Udinese Calcio

Home Away Halftime Result
Udinese Calcio US Lecce 0 : 1 1 : 1
Spezia Calcio Udinese Calcio 1 : 1 1 : 1
SSC Napoli Udinese Calcio 2 : 0 3 : 2

Upcoming matches Udinese Calcio

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