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Their nicknames are I Giallorossi (the yellow-red ones), I Salentini (after the name of the region) or I Lupi (the wolves). The club colours are, of course, yellow and red. Home games are played at the Stadio Via del Mare, which has a capacity of 33,876 people. It is a multi-purpose stadium, but usually football matches are played there.

The formation of the club

The club from the city of Lecce was founded in 1909, then as Sporting Club Lecce. Over the years, it has changed its name several times until the current one, which reads Unione Sportiva Lecce in its entirety. Interestingly, in the early years the club played in black and white striped jerseys, the actual club colours came later.

Wandering through the divisions

This team first played Serie A in the 1985/86 season and didn't last more than a year, here. It only started to appear more frequently in the top competition from the late 1980s onwards, and in modern history also in the first decade of this century. However, the club has always been at the tail end of the table, and so has become more or less a constant traveller between the first and second highest competitions.

A more serious situation came in the 2011/12 season, when it was relegated to the Lega Pro Prima Divisione, as a result of the investigation into the scandal known in the media as Scommessopoli. This was related to the targeted match-fixing. The club stayed in that division for two seasons and then climbed up to the 3rd league, Serie C. There it stayed for a total of four seasons, until the 2017/18 season. Finally, the club fought its way back up to Serie A for the 2019/20 season.

Club achievements

As far as the club's achievements are concerned, they are only at the lower levels of football. Thus, their biggest success has always been their participation in Serie A. In the 1975/76 season, for example, they won the Italian Serie C Cup and a season later also the Anglo-Italian Semiprofessional Cup. They have been Serie C champions 4 times.

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US Lecce - Last 10 matches

Date Home Away Halftime Result
28.05.2023 AC Monza US Lecce 0 : 0 0 : 1
21.05.2023 US Lecce Spezia Calcio 0 : 0 0 : 0
12.05.2023 SS Lazio US Lecce 1 : 1 2 : 2
03.05.2023 Juventus FC US Lecce 2 : 1 2 : 1
28.04.2023 US Lecce Udinese Calcio 0 : 0 1 : 0
23.04.2023 AC Milan US Lecce 1 : 0 2 : 0
16.04.2023 US Lecce UC Sampdoria 1 : 0 1 : 1
07.04.2023 US Lecce SSC Napoli 0 : 1 1 : 2
03.04.2023 Empoli FC US Lecce 0 : 0 1 : 0
19.03.2023 ACF Fiorentina US Lecce 1 : 0 1 : 0

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Date Match 1 10 0 02 2
20.08:2023 20:45 Lecce-Lazio Roma 4.01 1.83 3.28 1.27 2.05
27.08:2023 18:30 Fiorentina-Lecce 1.57 1.1 3.8 2.34 6.14