FC Utrecht vs. Go Ahead Eagles (18.03.2023)

Date Season Halftime Result
18.03.2023 2022 1 : 1 1 : 2

Match milestones

Time Team Name Event
20'' Utrecht Ruben Kluivert ui.Yellow Card
21'' Utrecht Jens Toornstra ui.Yellow Card
33'' GO Ahead Eagles Bobby Adekanye ui.Yellow Card
41'' Utrecht T. Douvikas ui.Normal Goal
45'' GO Ahead Eagles Isac Lidberg ui.Penalty cancelled
45'' + 3'' GO Ahead Eagles O. Edvardsen ui.Normal Goal
58'' GO Ahead Eagles O. Edvardsen ui.Substitution 1
61'' Utrecht Z. Labyad ui.Substitution 1
65'' GO Ahead Eagles B. Adekanye ui.Substitution 2
72'' Utrecht A. Descotte ui.Substitution 2
78'' GO Ahead Eagles F. Oppegård ui.Substitution 3
78'' GO Ahead Eagles F. Stokkers ui.Substitution 4
83'' Utrecht O. Boussaid ui.Substitution 3
86'' GO Ahead Eagles Jamal Amofa ui.Yellow Card
90'' + 4'' GO Ahead Eagles W. Willumsson ui.Normal Goal

Lineup FC Utrecht

Position Number Name
Goalkeeper 1 V. Barkas
Defence 17 S. Klaiber
Defence 25 R. Kluivert
Defence 14 R. Hendriks
Defence 24 N. Viergever
Midfield 20 Z. Labyad
Midfield 18 J. Toornstra
Midfield 26 O. Boussaid
Midfield 22 S. van de Streek
Forward 19 A. Descotte
Forward 9 T. Douvikas

Lineup Go Ahead Eagles

Position Number Name
Goalkeeper 1 J. de Lange
Defence 2 M. Deijl
Defence 25 J. Amofa
Defence 3 G. Nauber
Defence 26 F. Oppegård
Midfield 11 B. Adekanye
Midfield 6 J. Idzes
Midfield 10 P. Rommens
Midfield 23 O. Edvardsen
Forward 27 F. Stokkers
Forward 9 I. Lidberg

Substitutes FC Utrecht

Position Number Name
Midfield 10 T. Booth
Midfield 23 B. Ramselaar
Forward 11 A. Younes
Goalkeeper 16 F. de Keijzer
Defence 5 H. ter Avest
Midfield 8 L. Brouwers
Defence 3 T. St. Jago
Defence 27 M. Sagnan
Goalkeeper 31 T. Nijhuis
Forward 30 N. Maeda
Midfield 7 V. Jensen

Substitutes Go Ahead Eagles

Position Number Name
Forward 7 R. Fernandes
Midfield 18 W. Willumsson
Defence 4 José Fontán
Forward 19 S. Sow
Midfield 24 J. Markelo
Defence 33 F. Mattiello
Forward 17 Darío Serra
Midfield 20 X. Blomme
Goalkeeper 22 E. Mulder
Midfield 21 E. Llansana
Goalkeeper 40 L. Plogmann

FC Utrecht

They are called Utreg and their club colours are red and white. These colours are of course also found on the home jerseys and in the club crest, where they are still present along with blue. For their home games they use the Galgenwaard Stadium, which has a total capacity for 23,750 people. This Dutch football club was founded in 1970 in the city of the same name, Utrecht. The club was founded on the foundations of three former local clubs, namely DOS, Elinkwijk and Velox.

More about FC Utrecht

Go Ahead Eagles

More about Go Ahead Eagles
Home corners 6
Home shots 11
Home shots on target 6
Home fouls 13
Home yellow cards 2
Home red cards
Away corners 3
Away shots 18
Away shots on target 6
Away fouls 11
Away yellow cards 2
Away red cards

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