FC Groningen vs. SC Heerenveen (19.03.2023)

Date Season Halftime Result
19.03.2023 2022 0 : 2 0 : 2

Match milestones

Time Team Name Event
15'' Heerenveen Thom Haye ui.Yellow Card
27'' Heerenveen S. van Hooijdonk ui.Normal Goal
40'' Heerenveen S. van Hooijdonk ui.Normal Goal
46'' Groningen L. Duarte ui.Substitution 1
66'' Groningen E. Manu ui.Substitution 2
66'' Heerenveen C. Nunnely ui.Substitution 1
79'' Heerenveen T. Haye ui.Substitution 2
83'' Groningen T. Suslov ui.Substitution 3

Lineup FC Groningen

Position Number Name
Goalkeeper 20 M. Verrips
Defence 12 R. Balker
Defence 42 T. Blokzijl
Defence 29 M. Sørensen
Defence 15 J. Willems
Midfield 7 T. Suslov
Midfield 6 L. Duarte
Midfield 8 J. Hove
Forward 28 E. Manu
Forward 9 R. Pepi
Forward 18 I. Määttä

Lineup SC Heerenveen

Position Number Name
Goalkeeper 1 X. Mous
Defence 27 M. van Ewijk
Defence 6 S. van Ottele
Defence 5 P. Bochniewicz
Defence 7 M. Köhlert
Midfield 33 T. Haye
Midfield 26 A. Tahiri
Midfield 24 C. Nunnely
Midfield 11 P. van Amersfoort
Midfield 20 O. Sahraoui
Forward 17 S. van Hooijdonk

Substitutes FC Groningen

Position Number Name
Forward 21 O. Antman
Defence 19 L. van Gelderen
Defence 37 M. Chaluš
Goalkeeper 25 J. de Boer
Midfield 4 J. Pelupessy
Forward 55 T. van Bergen
Midfield 31 A. Sher
Forward 34 R. Oratmangoen
Defence 2 D. Dankerlui
Goalkeeper 1 P. Leeuwenburgh
Midfield 40 L. Valente

Substitutes SC Heerenveen

Position Number Name
Midfield 19 S. Olsson
Forward 9 D. Karlsbakk
Defence 3 J. van Aken
Forward 8 A. Timossi Andersson
Midfield 10 T. Halilović
Goalkeeper 23 J. Bekkema
Forward 29 A. Colassin
Midfield 22 R. Al Hajj
Goalkeeper 35 J. van der Mark
Defence 13 R. Kaib
Defence 15 H. Ali

FC Groningen

Nicknames of this club are Pride of the North, Green-White Army or Farmers. The Pride of the Dutch North thus plays in green and white colours, which are both on the home jersey and the club emblem. Their shrine is the Euroborg Stadium, which holds a total of 22 579 spectators and has been open since 2006. It replaced the old Oosterpark Stadion, where the team had played since 1933. The Dutch football club was founded in 1915 in the town of the same name, Groningen.

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SC Heerenveen

Founded in 1920, SC Heerenveen plays its home games in the stadium named after Abe Lenstra, a football legend who scored 523 goals in five hundred games between 1936 and 1954. The capacity of this shrine is currently 27 224 spectators. The club's original name was Athleta, later Spartaan and v. v. Heerenveen in 1922. The club's most famous era began during the Second World War, when 'De Superfriezen' managed to regularly beat even Ajax.

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Home corners 5
Home shots 11
Home shots on target 1
Home fouls 11
Home yellow cards
Home red cards
Away corners 2
Away shots 13
Away shots on target 5
Away fouls 13
Away yellow cards 1
Away red cards

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Results SC Heerenveen vs. FC Groningen