Motherwell FC vs. Dundee FC (25.02.2017)

Date Season Halftime Result
25.02.2017 2016 1 : 5 1 : 5

Match milestones

Time Team Name Event
7'' Dundee Z. Jules ui.Own Goal
22'' Motherwell L. Moult ui.Normal Goal
27'' Dundee M. Haber ui.Normal Goal
31'' Dundee M. O'Hara ui.Normal Goal
35'' Dundee C. Wighton ui.Normal Goal
45'' + 1'' Dundee M. Haber ui.Normal Goal
62'' Motherwell J. Chalmers ui.Substitution 1
63'' Dundee M. OHara ui.Substitution 1
83'' Dundee H. Ojamaa ui.Substitution 2
88'' Dundee C. Wighton ui.Substitution 3

Lineup Motherwell FC

Position Number Name
ui.hrac_ 1 C. Samson
ui.hrac_ 15 J. Chalmers
ui.hrac_ 8 C. McHugh
ui.hrac_ 21 Z. Jules
ui.hrac_ 30 J. McMillan
ui.hrac_ 88 S. Pearson
ui.hrac_ 20 C. Clay
ui.hrac_ 12 C. Cadden
ui.hrac_ 4 B. Heneghan
ui.hrac_ 77 S. McDonald
ui.hrac_ 9 L. Moult

Lineup Dundee FC

Position Number Name
ui.hrac_ 1 S. Bain
ui.hrac_ 6 D. O'Dea
ui.hrac_ 16 Julen Etxabeguren
ui.hrac_ 3 K. Holt
ui.hrac_ 30 C. Kerr
ui.hrac_ 18 P. McGowan
ui.hrac_ 4 J. Vincent
ui.hrac_ 14 M. O'Hara
ui.hrac_ 21 M. Haber
ui.hrac_ 22 H. Ojamaa
ui.hrac_ 33 C. Wighton

Substitutes Motherwell FC

Position Number Name
ui.hrac_ 17 E. Frear
ui.hrac_ 11 R. Bowman
ui.hrac_ 13 R. Griffiths
ui.hrac_ 14 K. Lasley
ui.hrac_ 18 L. Lucas
ui.hrac_ 25 D. Ferguson
ui.hrac_ 34 J. Hastie

Substitutes Dundee FC

Position Number Name
ui.hrac_ 11 D. Williams
ui.hrac_ 7 T. Hateley
ui.hrac_ 20 F. El Bakhtaoui
ui.hrac_ 48 C. Ferrie
ui.hrac_ 17 N. Ross
ui.hrac_ 26 K. Gadzhalov
ui.hrac_ 55 K. Gomis

Motherwell FC

They are nicknamed The Well, The Dossers or The Steelmen, referring to the industrial history of Motherwell in North Lanarkshire. The main rivals, given their geographical proximity, are Hamilton Academical and Airdrieonians. Their matches have always been known as the Lanarkshire Derby. Motherwell FC play at Fir Park Stadium, which has a capacity of 13,677. It has been the home stadium since 1895, until then it was played at Danziel Park. The club colours were originally blue, but since 1913 the colours have been claret and amber.

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Dundee FC

They are called The Dees or The Dee or The Dark Blues. They've only won the Scottish top flight once in the distant past, in 1962. However, they currently play in the lower league Scottish Championship, where they were relegated in the 2018/19 season. Their home stadium is Dens Park, which has a capacity of 11,506. Their main rival is Dundee United, who have a stadium only 300 yards away and also currently play in the lower league. The team colours are dark blue and white.

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Home corners 12
Home shots 19
Home shots on target 7
Home fouls 11
Home yellow cards 1
Home red cards 1
Away corners 3
Away shots 10
Away shots on target 5
Away fouls 21
Away yellow cards 5
Away red cards 1

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Results Motherwell FC vs. Dundee FC
Results Dundee FC vs. Motherwell FC