SC Braga vs. Sport Lisboa e Benfica (30.12.2022)

Date Season Halftime Result
30.12.2022 2022 2 : 0 3 : 0

Match milestones

Time Team Name Event
2'' SC Braga Abel Ruiz ui.Normal Goal
27'' Benfica Florentino Luís ui.Yellow Card
32'' SC Braga Ricardo Horta ui.Normal Goal
46'' Benfica Florentino ui.Substitution 1
70'' SC Braga Ricardo Horta ui.Normal Goal
71'' Benfica João Mário ui.Substitution 2
71'' Benfica A. Bah ui.Substitution 3
75'' SC Braga Iuri Medeiros ui.Substitution 1
75'' SC Braga S. Niakaté ui.Substitution 2
78'' SC Braga André Horta ui.Yellow Card
82'' SC Braga Abel Ruiz ui.Substitution 3
82'' SC Braga André Horta ui.Substitution 4
85'' Benfica Rafa Silva ui.Yellow Card
87'' Benfica Nicolás Otamendi ui.Yellow Card
89'' Benfica Gonçalo Ramos ui.Substitution 4
89'' Benfica E. Fernández ui.Substitution 5
89'' SC Braga Ricardo Horta ui.Substitution 5

In an exhilarating Primeira Liga match on the 30th of December, 2022, SC Braga faced off against the visiting team Benfica Lisbon. The contest was marked by impressive plays, strategic substitutions, and a few heated moments that had fans at the edge of their seats.

The opening goal came early, with SC Braga's Abel Ruiz finding the back of the net just 2 minutes into the match. His strike set the tone, demonstrating Braga's intent to take control of the game from the get-go.

Benfica, however, was keen to assert their presence on the pitch, which led to the team's Florentino Luís receiving a yellow card at the 27-minute mark for a challenge that reflected the intensity of the match.

Not deterred by the opposition's aggression, SC Braga doubled their lead with Ricardo Horta scoring in the 32nd minute. The goal was a testament to Braga's clinical finishing, putting the home side in a comfortable position heading towards half-time.

Responding to the unfavourable scoreline, Benfica made their first substitution right after the interval, pulling Florentino out of the fray. But before the shift in strategy could take effect, Ricardo Horta once again found the target for SC Braga in the 70th minute, bagging his second goal and further cushioning their lead.

Benfica looked to reinvigorate their lineup with a double substitution in the 71st minute, introducing João Mário and A. Bah, signaling a last-ditch effort to claw their way back into the game.

SC Braga began making their own tactical changes in the 75th minute, bringing in Iuri Medeiros and S. Niakaté to refresh the squad and maintain their dominance. André Horta of SC Braga, possibly caught up in the excitement, received a yellow card three minutes later.

Continuing their rotation strategy, Abel Ruiz and André Horta were both substituted in the 82nd minute, allowing fresh legs to come on and seal the victory for SC Braga.

As the game approached its conclusion, Benfica's Rafa Silva and Nicolás Otamendi were booked with yellow cards at the 85th and 87th minutes respectively, a sign of frustration as the match slipped away from them. In the late stages, Benfica made their final attempts to salvage the game with two more substitutions at the 89-minute mark. However, it was too little too late.

In an interesting twist, SC Braga chose to substitute their star of the match, Ricardo Horta, in the 89th minute, providing him with a well-deserved rest and applause from the fans for his match-winning performance.

The referee blew the final whistle, and SC Braga emerged victorious with a solid performance that left Benfica devoid of answers. The match displayed SC Braga's determination and skill, earning them three valuable points, much to the delight of their supporters.

Lineup SC Braga

Position Number Name
Goalkeeper 1 Matheus
Defence 2 Víctor Gómez
Defence 15 Paulo Oliveira
Defence 4 S. Niakaté
Defence 6 Nuno Sequeira
Midfield 45 Iuri Medeiros
Midfield 8 Ali Musrati
Midfield 19 U. Račić
Midfield 21 Ricardo Horta
Forward 10 André Horta
Forward 9 Abel Ruiz

Lineup Sport Lisboa e Benfica

Position Number Name
Goalkeeper 99 O. Vlachodimos
Defence 6 A. Bah
Defence 66 António Silva
Defence 30 N. Otamendi
Defence 3 Álex Grimaldo
Midfield 13 E. Fernández
Midfield 61 Florentino
Midfield 20 João Mário
Midfield 27 Rafa
Midfield 8 F. Aursnes
Forward 88 Gonçalo Ramos

Substitutes SC Braga

Position Number Name
Forward 71 Hernâni Infande
Defence 3 Vítor Tormena
Forward 99 Vítinha
Midfield 88 Castro
Forward 7 Rodrigo Gomes
Defence 24 Bruno Rodrigues
Forward 23 S. Banza
Forward 14 Álvaro Djaló
Goalkeeper 12 Tiago Sá

Substitutes Sport Lisboa e Benfica

Position Number Name
Forward 33 P. Musa
Midfield 93 J. Draxler
Defence 2 Gilberto
Midfield 22 Chiquinho
Midfield 87 João Neves
Midfield 31 Gil Dias
Defence 4 Lucas Veríssimo
Goalkeeper 77 Helton Leite
Defence 91 Morato

SC Braga

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Sport Lisboa e Benfica

Benfica Lisbon is historically the most successful Portuguese football club. Its official name is Sport Lisboa e Benfica. They have managed to dominate the domestic league in 37 seasons so far, with the last time being in the 2018/2019 edition. Like many other similar organizations, Benfica also participates in a number of other sports, but it is best known for its football side.

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Home corners 4
Home shots 15
Home shots on target 6
Home fouls 11
Home yellow cards 1
Home red cards
Away corners 8
Away shots 10
Away shots on target 3
Away fouls 13
Away yellow cards 3
Away red cards

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