Levante UD

This football club, with the full name Levante Unión Deportiva and also known as Llevant Unió Esportiva, has Granotas (frogs) as its nickname. The fact is that it uses green jerseys, but it is their third colour. In home games they prefer the club colours, which are dark blue and red. The jerseys are predominantly blue, with two wide vertical red stripes. They are at home at the Estadi Ciutat de València, which has a capacity of 26,354 seats. The club's local rival is Valencia CF.

Origins and early years of the club

The club was founded in 1909 in Valencia. It is the oldest football club in Valencia, with its more successful rival Valencia CF not being formed until 1919. In the early days, the club played mostly at La Platjeta near the docks, where the land belonged to a local perfume merchant. Other grounds on which the club later played were also near the dock area, and so the club became associated with the working class. When Valencia CF appeared on the scene, so did their first mutual match. Levante lost it 0-1. This match was on the occasion of the opening of the new pitch in Algirós. After the Civil War, in 1939, the club merged with another local club, Gimnástico FC, to form a functional unit once again.

It is also interesting to note that the phenomenal Dutch footballer, former football superstar Johan Cruijff, played part of one season at this club in the 1980s. He later also became a coach and collected many awards during his career.

Milestones and club achievements

Levante won its first trophy in 1928, it was the Valencia championship, a competition of regional importance. Until then, the club also played at regional level. From the 1929/30 season onwards, it made its first appearance in the third division. For most of its existence it played second with third division. The exceptions were the 1963/64 and 1964/64 seasons, when it first appeared in La Liga. However, they was mostly in the second half of the table, with best finish being 6th, in the 2011/12 season. The club's greatest achievement so far is winning the Copa del Rey in 1937.

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Levante UD - Last 10 matches

Date Home Away Halftime Result
02.06.2024 SD Huesca Levante UD 0 : 0 0 : 0
26.05.2024 Levante UD AD Alcorcón 0 : 0 2 : 2
12.05.2024 Levante UD SD Eibar : :
11.05.2024 Levante UD SD Eibar 1 : 1 2 : 2
05.05.2024 Villarreal B Levante UD : :
03.05.2024 Villarreal B Levante UD 0 : 2 0 : 3
21.04.2024 Racing de Santander Levante UD : :
20.04.2024 Racing de Santander Levante UD 0 : 0 0 : 0
07.04.2024 Levante UD Real Zaragoza : :
06.04.2024 Levante UD Real Zaragoza 1 : 1 2 : 1

Levante UD against opponent

Recent matches Levante UD

Date Home Away Halftime Result
02.06.2024 SD Huesca Levante UD 0 : 0 0 : 0
26.05.2024 Levante UD AD Alcorcón 0 : 0 2 : 2

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