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The most successful club in the English top flight is nicknamed The Red Devils. The club's colours are both red and white. The stadium where they play their home games is Old Trafford. It holds 74,994 people and is the largest club football stadium in the United Kingdom. It is also the second largest football stadium in the country after Wembley. It is the 11th largest stadium in Europe in terms of capacity. Interestingly, as a result of bombing during World War II, the club shared the Maine Road stadium between 1941 and 1949, which belonged to their biggest local rival Manchester City.

Speaking of rivalries, there is a Manchester derby between these two age-old rivals from the same city. As the most successful club in the league, Manchester United also has a strong rivalry with other big rivals such as Liverpool and Arsenal. In addition, there is also a rivalry with Leeds United.

Emergence on the railways

The origins of the club date back to 1878, then as Newton Heath LYR FC. The abbreviation LYR here stands for Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. The club was in fact founded by workers of the local railway. The name was later shortened to Newton Heath. The club is one of the founding members of the Football Alliance. This was in 1889. This merged with the Football League in 1892.

In 1902 financial problems came when the club faced bankruptcy. Rescue came with the person of J.H. Davies, who in addition to paying off the debt also changed the name to the present Manchester United and changed the club colours to the current ones. Previously the club had used gold and green.

Milestones and club achievements

The club's famous managers were successively J. Ernest Mangnall, Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson. Under Alex Ferguson, the club essentially dominated the English league in the 1990s. It all culminated in the 1998/99 season when they celebrated winning the Premier League, the English Cup and the prestigious Champions League. The club became a global legend.

In the top flight, it has a total of 20 titles, the most of any team, the most recent being from the 2012/13 season. It has won the FA Cup 12 times, most recently in the 2015/16 season. It has won the EFL Cup 5 times, the most recent being in the 2016/17 season.

On European soil, it has won the European Champions Cup 3 times and the current UEFA Champions League, the last being in the 2007/08 season. He then has one win each from the Cup Winners' Cup, UEFA Super Cup and the most recent is the UEFA Europa League win from the 2016/17 season.

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Manchester United FC - Last 10 matches

Date Home Away Halftime Result
03.06.2023 Manchester City FC Manchester United FC 1 : 1 2 : 1
28.05.2023 Manchester United FC Fulham FC 1 : 1 2 : 1
25.05.2023 Manchester United FC Chelsea FC 2 : 0 4 : 1
25.05.2023 Manchester United FC Chelsea FC 2 : 0 4 : 1
20.05.2023 AFC Bournemouth Manchester United FC 0 : 1 0 : 1
13.05.2023 Manchester United FC Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 1 : 0 2 : 0
07.05.2023 West Ham United FC Manchester United FC 1 : 0 1 : 0
04.05.2023 Brighton & Hove Albion FC Manchester United FC 0 : 0 1 : 0
30.04.2023 Manchester United FC Aston Villa FC 1 : 0 1 : 0
27.04.2023 Tottenham Hotspur FC Manchester United FC 0 : 2 2 : 2

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