RKC Waalwijk vs. PSV Eindhoven (05.03.2023)

Date Season Halftime Result
05.03.2023 2022 0 : 1 0 : 1

Match milestones

Time Team Name Event
35'' PSV Eindhoven J. Bakayoko ui.Normal Goal
45'' Waalwijk Dario Van Den Buijs ui.Yellow Card
56'' PSV Eindhoven L. de Jong ui.Substitution 1
64'' PSV Eindhoven J. Bakayoko ui.Substitution 2
66'' Waalwijk D. Van den Buijs ui.Substitution 1
66'' Waalwijk P. Clement ui.Substitution 2
66'' Waalwijk I. Bel Hassani ui.Substitution 3
70'' PSV Eindhoven Fábio Silva ui.Yellow Card
72'' PSV Eindhoven Patrick van Aanholt ui.Yellow Card
80'' Waalwijk T. Lutonda ui.Substitution 4
82'' Waalwijk Jurien Gaari ui.Yellow Card
85'' PSV Eindhoven Anwar El Ghazi ui.Yellow Card
88'' Waalwijk V. Anita ui.Substitution 5
88'' PSV Eindhoven J. Veerman ui.Substitution 3
90'' + 1'' PSV Eindhoven Ibrahim Sangaré ui.Yellow Card

Lineup RKC Waalwijk

Position Number Name
Goalkeeper 1 E. Vaessen
Defence 23 J. Gaari
Defence 24 D. Van den Buijs
Defence 15 L. Nieuwpoort
Midfield 2 J. Lelieveld
Midfield 11 I. Bel Hassani
Midfield 6 V. Anita
Midfield 14 P. Clement
Midfield 5 T. Lutonda
Forward 29 M. Kramer
Forward 20 M. Seuntjens

Lineup PSV Eindhoven

Position Number Name
Goalkeeper 16 J. Drommel
Defence 29 P. Mwene
Defence 5 André Ramalho
Defence 22 J. Branthwaite
Defence 30 P. van Aanholt
Midfield 7 X. Simons
Midfield 23 J. Veerman
Midfield 6 I. Sangaré
Forward 27 J. Bakayoko
Forward 9 L. de Jong
Forward 10 Fábio Silva

Substitutes RKC Waalwijk

Position Number Name
Forward 10 F. Jozefzoon
Forward 7 Julen Lobete
Midfield 33 Y. Oukili
Forward 19 Z. Bakkali
Forward 9 M. Biereth
Midfield 22 S. Bakari
Goalkeeper 13 M. Spenkelink
Defence 12 H. Mulder
Goalkeeper 21 Joel Pereira
Midfield 8 P. Vroegh
Midfield 35 K. Felida
Defence 34 L. Wouters

Substitutes PSV Eindhoven

Position Number Name
Forward 21 A. El Ghazi
Midfield 15 É. Gutiérrez
Forward 28 I. Saibari
Defence 3 J. Teze
Defence 18 O. Boscagli
Defence 4 A. Obispo
Midfield 37 R. Ledezma
Goalkeeper 61 N. Schiks
Goalkeeper 24 B. Waterman

RKC Waalwijk

A football club from the Netherlands, whose full name is Rooms Katholieke Combinatie Waalwijk, or RKC Waalwijk for short. Their club colours are yellow and blue, which are also part of their home jerseys. Their sanctuary is the Mandemakers Stadion, which holds a total of 7,500 spectators and has been in use since 1996. The club was founded in 1940 in the town of the same name, Waalwijk.

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PSV Eindhoven

The club's nicknames are Boeren, Lampen or Rood-witten. The last nickname, the red and white, refers to the club colours, which are red and white. These colours are also found on the home jerseys. Philips Stadium is where the club plays its home games, with the stadium offering a capacity of 35,000 seats. The club was founded in 1913 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

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Home corners 2
Home shots 10
Home shots on target 3
Home fouls 9
Home yellow cards 2
Home red cards
Away corners 4
Away shots 23
Away shots on target 7
Away fouls 8
Away yellow cards 4
Away red cards

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