Bologna FC 1909 vs. US Lecce (11.02.2024)

Date Season Halftime Result
11.02.2024 2023 2 : 0 4 : 0

Match milestones

Time Team Name Event
5'' Bologna S. Beukema ui.Normal Goal
27'' Bologna R. Orsolini ui.Normal Goal
34'' Bologna R. Calafiori ui.Yellow Card
38'' Lecce N. Sansone ui.Substitution 1
41'' Lecce P. Almqvist ui.Yellow Card
46'' Lecce A. Blin ui.Substitution 2
46'' Lecce P. Dorgu ui.Substitution 3
49'' Bologna R. Orsolini ui.Normal Goal
51'' Lecce R. Piccoli ui.Substitution 4
61'' Bologna L. De Silvestri ui.Substitution 1
61'' Bologna J. Odgaard ui.Substitution 2
61'' Bologna D. Ndoye ui.Substitution 3
67'' Bologna O. El Azzouzi ui.Substitution 4
75'' Lecce R. Oudin ui.Yellow Card
77'' Lecce H. Rafia ui.Substitution 5
78'' Bologna N. Moro ui.Substitution 5
82'' Bologna J. Odgaard ui.Normal Goal

Bologna FC 1909

Among their nicknames they are named as I Veltri or Rossoblu (the Red and Blue). And by the latter nickname it is also obvious what their club colors are. So they are red and blue, which you can find both on the jerseys and in the emblem. They are at home at the Stadio Renato Dall'Ara, which offers 38,279 seats. The surface here is of extremely high quality and, along with the Artemito Franchi Stadium in Florence, is considered one of the best pitches in Italy and Europe.

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US Lecce

Their nicknames are I Giallorossi (the yellow-red ones), I Salentini (after the name of the region) or I Lupi (the wolves). The club colours are, of course, yellow and red. Home games are played at the Stadio Via del Mare, which has a capacity of 33,876 people. It is a multi-purpose stadium, but usually football matches are played there.

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Home corners 4
Home shots 16
Home shots on target 6
Home fouls 8
Home yellow cards 1
Home red cards
Away corners 3
Away shots 11
Away shots on target 3
Away fouls 13
Away yellow cards 2
Away red cards

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